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Glacier porcelain pendants
Pink Ice £35.00 Pink Ice
Frozen Sea Foam £37.00 Frozen Sea Foam
Deep Under Ice £37.00 Deep Under Ice
Clear Water Ice £37.00 Clear Water Ice
Frozen Pool £37.00 Frozen Pool
Frozen River £37.00 Frozen River
Frozen River £37.00 Frozen River
Ice Cave £37.00 Ice Cave
Iceberg £39.00 Iceberg
Frozen Round Lake £46.00 Frozen Round Lake
Frozen Lake £46.00 Frozen Lake
Lilac Ice £37.00 Lilac Ice
Frozen Forest Spring £39.00 Frozen Forest Spring
Frozen Sea Foam Drop £39.00 Frozen Sea Foam Drop
Sold Out Mountain Salty Lake
Clear Ice £37.00 Clear Ice
Blue Ice £37.00 Blue Ice
Glacier Gradient £39.00 Glacier Gradient
Glacier Oval £49.00 Glacier Oval
Glacier £49.00 Glacier
Glacier £49.00 Glacier
Frozen Sea Drop £39.00 Frozen Sea Drop
Frozen Sea £39.00 Frozen Sea


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Inspired by the beauty of frozen landscapes, the Glacier collection is completely made by hand from porcelain and decorated with glass. All pieces in this collection are unique. 

Pendants come with fine Sterling Silver chains (16" long for small pieces and 18" for larger ones).

If you have any questions please contact me.

Pendant size:

  • Pink Ice  1.3cm 
  • Frozen Sea Foam  1.8cm
  • Deep Under Ice 1.9cm
  • Clear Water Ice 1.5cm
  • Frozen Pool 1.8cm
  • Frozen River 1.7cm
  • Ice Cave 1.7x2cm
  • Iceberg 1.5x2.2cm
  • Frozen Oval Lake 2.2x2.5cm
  • Frozen Lake 1.8x2.9cm
  • Lilac Ice 1.8x2.1cm
  • Frozen Forest Spring 1.8x2cm
  • Frozen Sea Foam Drop 1.4x2.1cm
  • Mountain Salty Lake 2.8x3cm
  • Clear Ice 1.7x2.5cm
  • Blue Ice 1.7x2.4cm
  • Glacier Gradient 1.9x3.2cm
  • Glacier Oval 2.4x2.8cm
  • Glacier 2.1x2.6cm
  • Frozen Sea Drop 1.8x2.4cm
  • Frozen Sea 2x2.6cm

Although I do my best to make sure that the colours displayed on the website are accurate, the actual colours may vary. Differences in monitors and the device you use to view the website will result in subtle differences in colour and textures.

All colours shown online are for guidance and information only.

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